The Battery-Storage Solution

Battery Storage At Danskammer Point

As we transition away from fossil fuels to a renewable energy economy, new technology will enable us to store power generated from clean sources. NY State has begun prioritizing battery energy storage systems (BESS), which are a great solution to complement solar and wind power! Battery storage could be built right on the Danskammer Point site and bring economic and clean energy benefits without polluting our communities.

Want to learn more about what’s happening with battery energy storage systems, or help spread the word? Please check out the resources below, and share with local elected officials in your town, city, or village!

BESS Resources



Bring Battery Storage to Your Community

  • Model Permit from NYSERDA
    The Model Permit is intended to help local government officials and AHJs establish the minimum submittal requirements for electrical and structural plan review that are necessary when permitting residential and small commercial battery energy storage systems.
  • Model Zoning Law from NYSERDA
    The Model Law is intended to help local government officials and AHJs adopt legislations and regulations to responsibly accommodate battery energy storage systems in their communities. The Model Law lays out procedural frameworks and substantive requirements for residential, commercial, and utility-scale battery energy storage systems.

Battery Storage in the News

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